September 10-14, 2007, Toulouse, France

Aims and Scope

For nearly 15 years, social simulation and computational approaches for understanding social phenomena has reached a rapidly growing audience from very different disciplines. Some researchers are attracted by new tools, methods or even paradigms to understand their object of research as is the case in sociology, economics or psychology. Others have found in simulation an interesting tool with which to communicate, negotiate or to support stakeholders' decision-making. This is the case in some political sciences, in management, and with the participative modelling approach for resource-management. Other researchers, mainly modellers, are interested by the richness of social phenomena and the challenges it presents in trying to capture even a small subset of this complexity with simple models; such is the case for computer scientists or physicists. Our wish is that ESSA 2007 is the place to bring together for these different but related interests in an interdisciplinary meeting.

Therefore researchers having an interest in simulation and social systems could consider ESSA 2007 is the right conference to submit and discuss their work.

Each submission will be refereed by 2-3 reviewers from the scientific committee. For submissions, you have the choice of submitting a regular paper (12 pages maximum in Times 10) to be presented during plenary session or a short paper (3 pages in Times 10) to be presented during the parallel sessions. A selection of the regular papers will be published in the post-proceedings.


The topics include, but are not limited to, the following social simulation issues:
The Fourth ESSA Conference (ESSA 2007), Sept. 10-14, Toulouse, FRANCE
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